ISIS in Iraq is Causing Trouble in their Quest to take over the World

ISIS in Iraq is causing trouble because they have taken over from the al-Qa’ida organization which was founded by Osama bin Laden; their main mission being to establish a caliphate in the Sunni-dominated areas of Iraq and Syria. Not only that, apart from maintaining a stronghold in the Middle east as well as in North Africa, it’s aim is to set up an Islamic World Dominion.

An al-Qaeda affiliate, ISIS is now regarded as the most powerful extreme jihadi group in the world. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant or Islamic State in Iraq and al-Shām (ISIS) are an active jihadist militant group in both Syria and Iraq with future intentions of claiming Jordan, Cyprus, Southern Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel. These countries are afraid of becoming the next target of these militant Sunni fighters.

A Call Up for Suicide Bombers

Made up of fundamentalist Sunni Muslims, this jihadist group is Indonesian and university students, teenagers, business people and soldiers are part of the group. Indonesia is a country with the biggest Muslim population. In Indonesia itself, the Sunni jihad movement is split, with some Indonesian jihadists being loyal to al-Qaeda while the more militant groups are supporting ISIS.

The conquest of Raqqa as well as Mosul and other territories in northern Syria have drawn attention to the military prowess of this group. The fanatical ISIS is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and slaying both Shia Muslims and Christians are all in a day’s work for them. ISIS in Iraq is causing trouble because they make use of untrained foreign volunteers who are willing to become suicide bombers, blowing up themselves and many innocent bystanders in their wake.

One Islamic State is what ISIS is after

The interests of ISIS go beyond Syria, and the members believe that all the Muslims of the world should live under one Islamic state ruled by sharia law. The instability in Syria and Iraq has provided it with the means to build a proto-state in the adjacent Sunni-majority areas of Syria and Iraq. Its radical and militant fighters will stop at nothing; using vicious tactics to assert their authority and their attacks on a major oil refinery of Baiji in Salahudin threaten to also impact Iraq’s huge oil production.

ISIS in Iraq is causing trouble and their mentality which extends to posting video recordings and photographs of cruel amputations of people, has the world on edge; and not only Iraq. Even countries like Australia, who provide millions of Australian dollars to assist the thousands of people fleeing the violence in Iraq, are concerned with the number of their own people who are joining these extremists.