The Gold Market in India is Big

The gold market in India is big. However, current times keep the supply limited. The natural presence of gold in India is very limited. Most of its sources are required to be procured by importing. Strict and hefty regulations make importing costly. Once these regulations are loosened, the supply of gold should better meet the demand in the country.

Gold is important to many countries because it is still considered the best protection against economic catastrophe. People still see it as the most liquid form of exchange. The demand from India has to come from outside countries.

India is the world’s second biggest buyer of gold. Currently, they are fighting a smuggling operation that is illegally importing the metal. It maintained first spot until 2013. Now, the biggest buyer is currently China. The idea of foregoing the requirement of paying duties, smugglers are looking at larger profits. There have been incidents of people swallowing the gold and placing the nuggets or bars inside deceased cows. The government is looking at methods of reducing the restrictions on gold. The move will lower the importing duties that came from previous leaders. The current restrictions show that there are a10% import duties. Furthermore, it’s required that all imported gold be used under the 80-20 rule. At least 20% of the import must be exported as a finished good to be sold. The changes in regulations are an attempt to help the gold market survive through times of high demand and low supply.

The government reports have shown that last year they confiscated 2.34 tons of gold trying to be smuggled. The World Gold Council has estimated that there is a total of 150-200 tons entering illegally.

The gold market in India is big. India’s gold makes up 1/3 of the whole world’s demand. India consumers have 37% more demand than China, who is the largest buyer of gold. In 2011, Gold imports were estimated to have a total worth of $34 billion. It was then estimated that by 2015-2016, it should increase to levels of $65 billion.
The gold market in India is interesting. They are the second biggest buyer and still have problems getting enough of the precious metal. Once the flood gates are released, can they take back their first place rankings as the top buyer of gold in the world? If the government does what it says they plan to do, we will know soon enough.

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Reasons Why You Should Invest In MSFT Stock

Although there have been recent concerns about a plummeting price action and an unfavorable business condition, the Microsoft Stock is among the most vibrant stock picks presently in the NYSE. We can’t deny the fact that Microsoft is facing an increasing level of competition from rival companies as well as phone companies in the PC market. The iphone and ipad releases by their fierce rival, Apple, has fueled speculation that the monopoly of Microsoft in the IT industry is over and focus has now been shifted to rival companies. Even with the increased activities of other competitors in the IT market, Microsoft has continued to post high profits, with record profits in 2010 and 2013. This positive rise in price has also reflected on the share price of the stock in the NYSE.

Many believe that positive earnings will impact positively on future earnings. But others believe that the stock will gradually plummet giving the astronomical rise in the activities of other competitors. But Microsoft has what they don’t have, which is a pioneering advantage and a very strong capital base. The company has long been established and saturated the market before companies like Apple came on board.

Microsoft still has monopoly over the computer stock market, as it still retains about 90% of the industry’s Operating System, while Linux and Mac OS’s maintain second and third respectively, although by small margins. This means huge profit to Microsoft as the company earned more than $40 million in profits the previous financial year.

The company is also trying to make itself available in future technology as there are series of innovations undertaken within Microsoft to make this possible. The IT market is highly competitive and only those that are always innovative will stay ahead of competition. In this case, Microsoft has been able to hold their ground in the industry as the leader.

This stronghold in the IT industry has translated to better MSFT stock performance and increased dividends to investors. Microsoft is no doubt a stock worth investing in, considering its present performance and the future outlook of the stock. It is a high yield dividend-based stock and an excellent stock to keep in an investor’s portfolio. Most investors consider MSFT stock as a long term stock that has very strong potential to outgrow market speculation. However, the time to invest in this stock would be now in order to enter the market on a lighter note.

Playing the Stock Market and Investing in a Bull Market Offers Good Gains

Many of us are exposed to the stock market and our annuities and endowment policies are largely based on stock market investments. Investing in a bull market requires investing in your first stock and then building your portfolio slowly as the bull market emerges. With a bear market, you’ve got the chance to invest in stock at share prices which are close to the book value of the companies they represent.

A Bull- and Bear Market are terms used to describe upward and downward market trends and a strengthening economy as well as high business profits is true indicators of a bull market. A bull market exists when at least 80% of stock prices rise over a certain period but different market sectors experience bull markets at different times.

Learn to Read the Economy

Investing in a bull market requires understanding the strategies to make smart money moves such as buying low and selling high. Smart investors spread their bets globally and don’t limit investing with local markets. They also invest across different asset classes and strategies. There are always contradicting views on which way the stock market is going and even economists can’t predict a recession. Experts have conflicting tips and advice about investing in a bull market, so don’t join the crowd but rather do your homework, learn to read the economy and learn how to take advantage of stock market highs and low and do what’s right for you. A great investing community site to learn more is

With an expected rise in prices in currency, gold and bonds for instance, this means that as an investor, you want to strike while the iron is hot. Bull markets don’t last forever and you want to make good gains from the stock market at the right time. Some believe that the Federal Reserve green light has been given to buy stocks.

Attractive Investment Opportunities

The main advantages of stock exchange marketing are an increase in the value of shares. Seasoned investors know that bear markets are invariably followed by bull markets and they raise as much capital as possible. Investing in a Bull Market is exciting; seeking out opportunities where you can. However, bear in mind that good times don’t last forever, and that even though wealth in the stock market is made by throwing caution to the winds when everyone else is afraid, investments that promise high returns carry high risks.

Carmax Quality – Carmax Is A Place to Go To Buy Your Car

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Investors Are Worried – Wal-mart Stock Is Going Sideways

Wal-mart was one of the most visited store chains in the America, having millions of shoppers and customers daily in all of the shops, which made this company a great investment. Investors were thrilled with Wal-mart as a potential good investment, which could earn some money, but ever since the Wal-mart stocks started to fall, they can no longer hide their concerns. It seems that in the last week Wal-mart stock is going sideways, leaving the question on whether or not the time to sell has long pass. If that is the case, investors won’t be able to recover their losses, and even if they could sell the Walmart falling stocks they wouldn’t be able to retrieve what they spent.

Wal-mart stock has fallen brutally, and retailers claim that this unfortunate case happened due to bad weather that caused lesser consumption, and also claims that Walmart stock is going sideways as a result of delayed tax refund, which happened during the government shutdown on last fall. Bad state of stocks has also drawn the retailers’ orders cutting, leaving suppliers hanging and losing more money, although Wal-mart spokesman claims that in some stores orders were just lesser while at other retails orders are going naturally. He also stresses out that orders depend on consumption, so it is normal than some retails are ordering less, and others more, so the business is flowing normally as usual.

Regardless of normal conduction of Wal-mart business retailers, investors continue worrying for Wal-mart stock is going sideways, and government is not doing anything about it. Main problem that affects Wal-mart shares is political state in Washington, regarding the budget limit, and until government raises their budget debt limit, Wal-mart shares may continue to fall, even though the fall has become a major issue for all the investors. The question then arises what will happen next if the world’s greatest economy center is shaken, which might have increased unemployment as a result. Wal-mart stock fall case can also influence other investors to retreat from their investments or prevent potential investors from depositing into similar businesses, which can cause more economical struggle and uncertainty.

Investors are still left with not being able to make a move for worrying about Wal-mart stock future, so if the stocks continue falling they might end up with losing more money. In case the share goes up dizzily, and they decide to sell before that occurs, they will end up with the same misfortunate scenario.

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ISIS in Iraq is Causing Trouble in their Quest to take over the World

ISIS in Iraq is causing trouble because they have taken over from the al-Qa’ida organization which was founded by Osama bin Laden; their main mission being to establish a caliphate in the Sunni-dominated areas of Iraq and Syria. Not only that, apart from maintaining a stronghold in the Middle east as well as in North Africa, it’s aim is to set up an Islamic World Dominion.

An al-Qaeda affiliate, ISIS is now regarded as the most powerful extreme jihadi group in the world. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant or Islamic State in Iraq and al-Shām (ISIS) are an active jihadist militant group in both Syria and Iraq with future intentions of claiming Jordan, Cyprus, Southern Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel. These countries are afraid of becoming the next target of these militant Sunni fighters.

A Call Up for Suicide Bombers

Made up of fundamentalist Sunni Muslims, this jihadist group is Indonesian and university students, teenagers, business people and soldiers are part of the group. Indonesia is a country with the biggest Muslim population. In Indonesia itself, the Sunni jihad movement is split, with some Indonesian jihadists being loyal to al-Qaeda while the more militant groups are supporting ISIS.

The conquest of Raqqa as well as Mosul and other territories in northern Syria have drawn attention to the military prowess of this group. The fanatical ISIS is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and slaying both Shia Muslims and Christians are all in a day’s work for them. ISIS in Iraq is causing trouble because they make use of untrained foreign volunteers who are willing to become suicide bombers, blowing up themselves and many innocent bystanders in their wake.

One Islamic State is what ISIS is after

The interests of ISIS go beyond Syria, and the members believe that all the Muslims of the world should live under one Islamic state ruled by sharia law. The instability in Syria and Iraq has provided it with the means to build a proto-state in the adjacent Sunni-majority areas of Syria and Iraq. Its radical and militant fighters will stop at nothing; using vicious tactics to assert their authority and their attacks on a major oil refinery of Baiji in Salahudin threaten to also impact Iraq’s huge oil production.

ISIS in Iraq is causing trouble and their mentality which extends to posting video recordings and photographs of cruel amputations of people, has the world on edge; and not only Iraq. Even countries like Australia, who provide millions of Australian dollars to assist the thousands of people fleeing the violence in Iraq, are concerned with the number of their own people who are joining these extremists.